Saturday, June 17, 2006

Greetings Folks

Hey there. You are looking at my site, and probably have no idea why you'd want to. That makes two of us. ALL I wanted to do was post a comment on John Morris' Digging Pitt blog... Y'see, I have some work in his flat file gallery in Pittsburgh, and I appreciate his efforts - so I wanna be y'know... like... value-added and blah blah blah... anyways... he requires a blogger account to post a comment and... here we go, yo.

But I just know I'm gonna have some crap I wanna lay on the virtual vacuum that just is not fair to saddle some other blogger with... so's I gotta have me own. Maybe as I learn this forum, and I eventually get a faster internet connection, I'll post some images. But for now, if you are interested you can simply go to the Digging Pitt website and check me out under the flat file. I have a few series of photos there.


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