Sunday, September 24, 2006

Immigration and Jingoism.

Yesterday I received an e-mail from my grandmother. She is a fairly progressive, openminded woman, and she reads "Serendipity". So she forwarded me some text from some screed that is being passed around. She asked me specifically to write my thoughts about it on my blog. I'm not going to disclose how she responded to it, but I will say we had very different reactions. Here is the text, written and sent anonymously:

It is Time for America to SPEAK UP

I am sorry but after hearing they want to sing the "National Anthem" in Spanish - enough is enough. No where did they sing it in Italian, Polish, Irish (Celtic), German or any other language because of immigration. It was written by Francis Scott Key and should be sung word for word the way it was written. The news broadcasts even gave the translation - not even close. Sorry if this offends anyone but this is MY COUNTRY - IF IT IS YOUR COUNTRY SPEAK UP ---- please pass this along...
I am not against immigration. - Just come through like everyone else. Get a sponsor; have a place to lay your head; have a job; pay your taxes, live by the rules AND LEARN THE LANGUAGE as all other immigrants have in the past --- and GOD BLESS AMERICA!

If you don't want to forward this for fear of offending someone-----YOU'RE PART OF THE PROBLEM !!!!
Will we still be the Country of choice and still be America if we continue to make the changes forced on us by the people from other countries that came to live in America because it is the Country of Choice??????
Think about it!
All we have to say is, when will they do something about MY RIGHTS?
I celebrate Christmas...........but because it isn't celebrated by everyone .............. We can no longer say Merry Christmas. Now it has to be Season's Greetings.
It's not Christmas vacation, it's Winter Break. Isn't it amazing how this winter break ALWAYS occurs over the Christmas holiday?
We've gone so far the other way, bent over backwards to not offend anyone, that I am now being offended. But it seems that no one has a problem with that. This says it all! This is an editorial written by an American citizen, published in a Tampa newspaper. He did quite a job; didn't he?

IMMIGRANTS, NOT AMERICANS, MUST ADAPT. I am tired of this nation
Worrying about whether we are offending some individual or their
Culture. Since the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, we have experienced a surge in patriotism by the majority of Americans. However... The dust from the attacks had barely settled when the "politically correct! " crowd began
Complaining about the possibility that our patriotism was offending others.
I am not against immigration, nor do I hold a grudge against anyone who
Is seeking a better life by coming to America. Our population is almost entirely made up of descendants of immigrants. However, there are a few things that those who have recently come to our country, and apparently some born here, need to understand. This idea of America being a multicultural community has served only to dilute our sovereignty and our national identity. As Americans.....we have our own culture, our own society, our own language and our own lifestyle. This culture has been developed over centuries of struggles, trials, and victories by millions of men and women who have sought freedom.

We speak"ENGLISH", not Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese,
Russian, or any other language. Therefore, if you wish to become part of our society, "LEARN THE LANGUAGE"
"In God We Trust" is our national motto. This is not some Christian,
Right wing, political slogan.. We adopted this motto because Christian men and women.......on Christian principles............. Founded this nation... And this is clearly documented. It is certainly appropriate to display it on the walls of our schools. If God offends you, then I suggest you consider another part of the world as your new home.........because God is part of our culture.

If Stars and Stripes offend you, or you don't like Uncle Sam, then you should seriously consider a move to another part of this planet We are happy with our culture and have no desire to change, and we really don't care how you did things where you came from. This is OUR COUNTRY, our land, and our lifestyle. Our First Amendment gives every citizen the right to express his opinion and we will allow you every opportunity to do so! But once you are done complaining....... Whining...... And griping.... About our flag...... Our pledge...... Our national motto.......or our way of life...I highly encourage you to take advantage of one other Great American Freedom......

It is Time for America to Speak up. If you agree -- pass this along; if you don't agree -- delete it!"

OK... so here's how I responded to it in an e-mail to my grandmother:

"Well... you asked for it, so I have to risk that you might take offense at my response to this e-mail:

jin·go·ism (jĭng'gō-ĭz'əm) n.

definition: Extreme nationalism characterized especially by a belligerent foreign policy; chauvinistic patriotism.

For more information click on the following link:

Note: It's pretty clear that this society is entering into a state of "bunker mentality". The manufactured fear and paranoia (courtesy of the Bush administration and the complicit media) in this country is leading to a reactionary distrust of all foreigners. However, in this case, the target population does not easily conform to a "foreigner" label. Mexican immigrants are direct descendents of the original occupants of this continent... a group of people against whom English-speaking Europeans practiced a campaign of systematic genocide. It's always interesting that chauvinistic Americans (such as the author of this e-mail) like to impose their version of a history lesson on the reader... but instead expose their vast ignorance. Even if you would rather not consider how we stole the Native-American land we now occupy, you should revisit the history of US imperialism and expansionism that contributed to our current borders. In 1846, President Polk provoked the Mexican government into defending their borders with a "pre-emptive" attack on US troops that were intentionally placed within Mexican borders to rile Santa Anna (leader of Mexico). In the following war, US troops invaded Mexico and continued their assault until their ransacking of Mexico City (the capital). As a result Polk was able to force the Mexican Cession, which transferred the land currently occupied by the states of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada... and parts of Colorado and Wyoming to US ownership. Mexico had effectively lost 1/2 of its territory.

Critics of Mexican immigration should be thankful that these immigrants are willing to sing the US National Anthem in any language."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are one big liberal! There aren't many people who would look at it from the perspective that US actually stole land from native Americans. I agree with you. But I think you are a minority.

4:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm with ya, but I can't help but wonder where it is that they want to sing the National Anthem in Spanish. It's a hard song to sing and listen to in English.

10:14 AM  
Blogger Merge Divide said...

I don't know that I'm THAT big of a liberal. I just despise this kind of knee-jerk reactionary thinking. I'm definitely in the minority on this and many issues. If I were a true liberal I'd suggest that we return some of the land to Mexico and/or Native-Americans.

2:42 PM  

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