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Voter Polls and Perceptions.

I don't know what it's like in your neck of the woods, but around these parts people are kind of cynical. You see... despite poll numbers that favor the candidates they would vote for, they have little confidence that their desired outcome will be the result. They have seen poll numbers before, and have learned what they mean. They offer hope and deliver unfulfilled promise. I can't think of a single more effective way of disenfranchising people than to convince them that their vote will not count.

Statistically speaking, a double-digit lead should trump the margin of error of any well-executed poll. In Pennsylvania, where both Rendell and Casey enjoy significant leads, the level of confidence should be high. Yet that's not the case for many Democratic voters here in the Keystone State, and I would assume that similar figures across the country have done little to convince like-minded voters on the national scene. Somehow Republicans are convinced that they will beat the formidable point spread. They are making very public statements that the poll numbers mean nothing. In the past, their optimism in the face of overwhelming couunter-evidence would have been interpreted merely as an admirable but naive "never-say-die" attitude. But in the wake of recent historical precedence, such a position seems sinister.

Make no mistake... the 2000 presidential elections was a constitutional crisis. At first the popular vote seemed to find its proper expression in the electoral college, and the major television networks proclaimed Al Gore thewinner. Yet Bush and his cronies seemed unperturbed, and warned the public not to jump to any rash conclusions. The stage was set for a surreal drama in a state governed by Bush's little brother. Overwhelming evidence exists that the game was fixed in Florida. "Voter irregularities" was a very polite term to refer to the amount of flagrant mischief perpetuated by the GOP. A team of lawyers under the supervision of James Baker swept down on the state, and effectively obfuscated the wrongdoing of local party officials. For awhile Democrats fought back... but when the supreme court predictably came down in the favor of George W. Bush, many observers called for the nation to set aside its objections and get on with business-as-usual. While the Republican noise machine struck a chorus of "Get over it", the media began to lose interest in covering subsequent developments of the story. Al Gore and the Democratic party capitulated, and the illegal takeover of the US executive branch was completed. Subsequent investigations, which proved the accusations of voter tampering, were downplayed and we began our official entry into a national nightmare.

The events that followed... 9-11, a "War on Terror", and the invasion ofIraq... confirmed suspicions that the new presidential administration would exercise no restraint when it came to manipulating public perception. Led by men who openly expressed their affections for Machiavelli and Leo Strauss, George W. Bush exploited the nation's fears to advance an aggressive agenda that continued to divide the United States and the world. By the time the 2004 election came, GOP leaders had consolidated their complete dominance over the federal government, and were openly exhibiting their intoxication with power. Events surrounding the 2004 election seemed eerily familiar... as a close race was once again decided in a single state (Ohio), with the expected controversies regarding voter intimidation, new voter machines and other dirty political tricks. This surprised virtually nobody. Wally O'Dell, CEO of the company (Diebold) that manufactured the computerized voter machines, had promised to deliver Ohio for Bush*. Demonstrating an almost unbelievable hypocrisy, the GOP pointed to their victory in the nation's popular vote to quell protests. And so the country continued its slide from Democracy.

Here we are now in 2006, just days away from the midterm congressional elections. We live in a country radically altered by policies enacted by the GOP-run Congress and the president. As we watch our civil rights gradually erode, we find ourselves mired in an unwinnable war and a growing national debt. The strategies of the ruling party have proved to be characterized by scandal and abject failure. That the tide of opinion would turn against the Republicans is an eminently rational conclusion. Nationwide poll numbers suggest that the almost mystical mind control men like Rove and Cheney have exerted over the populace is waning. But despite signs of encouragement, American voters remain wary. People are understandably wondering whether or not the fix is once again in. Will the men who have held on so tightly to unchecked power allow the voters to take the necessary corrective action of expelling them from office?

My advice to people who have brought up this concern is to VOTE. It may well be that this election will also display signs of fraud. At this point we should almost expect that to happen. But refusing to vote is not a solution. We can't control whether or not men commit crimes to retain their power. But we can force their hand. The more the opposition votes, the greater the requirements will be to fix the election. The crimes of fraud will be more extensive and more blatant. And maybe this time, investigations will hold those guilty parties responsible.

*O'Dell later resigned amidst fraud litigation and internal woes... see link.


Blogger THIRD WORLD WAR said...

Kalki Gaur, Editor World Press Club, Washington DC, 5:00 PM, Saturday, November 4, 2006.
NON DENOMINATIONAL CHRISTIANS VOTE REPUBLICANS - Non Denominational Christians, are 180 million strong, and outnumber Catholics, Evangelicals, Baptists, Prophetic Christians and all Major Denominational Christians combined, are secularists and reject Religious Right and Fundamentalists. Non Denominational Christians are Secularists and prefer secular Republican Petro-Colonialism over Democratic Religious Medievalism, and reject Carter Clinton’s Axis of Medieval. Non Denomination Christians and supporters of Da Vinci Code represent the Revolt of the Laity against excesses of pedophile Clergy and Fundamentalist Church.
ANTI-BLACK DEMOCRATIC PARTY: From Civil War up to 1964 Democrats were anti-Blacks, anti-Latinos and anti-immigrants. Party of Lincoln, the Republican Party had been pro-Blacks from the Civil war up to 1964. President Carter (1977-1981) and President Clinton (1992-2000) engineered to kick out Blacks and Latinos our of leadership position in the Democratic corridors of power and replaced them by fundamentalist religious leaders and Wall Street donors. In American Elections 2006, the Republican Party is the preferred party of choice for Blacks and Latinos. The Democrat’s Ideology of Medievalism seeks to break the Constitutional Wall that separates the State and the Church in the United States. The Republican Modernism seeks to empower American Blacks vis-à-vis East European immigrants and secures Energy Security of Industrial America by controlling Oil and Gas reserves of the Middle East. If you want to vote for the Party of Church, then vote Democrats. If you want to vote for Pax Americana then vote for Republicans. The choice that you would make shall determine the 21st Century.
GLOBALIZATION OF POLITICS FAVORS REPUBLICANS OVER DEMOCRATS: Earlier all politics in USA was local politics for Senators and Congressmen. However the Iraq War and rise of Internet political blogging led to globalization of Politics. The transnational religious organizations and terrorist organizations and increased immigration made American politics in 2006 a global politics. Globalization of Politics favors Republicans as Oil is a global currency and affects world economy. Petro-colonialism created global linkages in domestic politics worldwide.
NEWT GINGRICH-CONDI RICE 2008 DREAM TICKET: Republican Bush must invade Iran in January 2007. Republicans will keep majority in the Senate and Congress. Even the Foley’s Congress seat the Republicans would be able to win. Americans like the idea of the Imperial White House controlling the oil and gas of Iraq and Iran. Americans hate the idea that Democrats wants to make the White House the Servant Quarters of the Church and the Pope. Dr. Condi Rice is more competent than Madelein Albright, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, and Henry Kissinger. People are voting Republicans because they like the imperial agenda of Bush and Condi Rice. Voters know that Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter created and nurtured Islamic Terrorism, Ayatollah Khomeini, Osama Ben Laden, Al Qaeda and Taleban to implement their hidden papal patriarchal monotheist apocalyptic agenda. Vote Republicans and Dump Democrats in Elections of 2006 and of 2008.
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DEMOCRATIC WILSONIAN DECEPTION NEWSPEAK DOUBLETHINK: Democratic Party, Democratic Presidents historically have been past masters in promoting electoral agenda of Deception, Newspeak and Doublethink. Democrats successfully argue Black is White, Evil is Virtue, Bad is Good and scholars call his Newspeak Doublethink as Wilsonian Democratic Deception. Democrats successfully painted the morally good invasions of Iraq for enhancing America’s Energy Security as evil. Democratic Clinton justified the evil invasions of Haiti to impose the rule of Papacy in Haiti as virtue. Clinton invaded Yugoslavia to divert attention from Chinese nuclear thefts revealed by Cox Report, within a week of the Cox Report release. No foreign invasions of Democratic Presidents promoted the national interests of the United States, as they were done to promote Pope’s Christian agenda, including President Truman’s invasion of Korea, President Kennedy’s invasion of Vietnam, Kennedy’s overthrow of Cheddi Chagan government in Guyana, President Carter’s overthrow of Shah of Iran, President Clinton’s invasion of Haiti. On the contrary Republican President Bush invaded Afghanistan and Iraq to militarily promote the imperial agenda of Pax-Americana to create new American Petro-Colonial Empire. Historically Democratic Presidents used American military to promote the agenda of the Pope, which according to Richelieu’s Raison d’etat Realism represented bad diplomacy. On the contrary, President George Bush’s imperial policy in Afghanistan and Iraq and future invasions of Iran, are justified in terms of Machiavellian realism as well as Richelieu’s Raison d’etat Realism and thereby represents what is morally right, virtue and good and promoted the national interests of the United States defined in terms of oil, gas and energy security. Democratic Party does not ever deserve to win the Presidency, White House and Oval Office of the United States. Only Republicans can be trusted with the White House in USA. Republican White House is morally Good, Virtue and Right.
VOTE IMPERIALIST REPUBLICANS: Prefer Good Imperialism to Evil Inquisition Medievalism. Blacks should vote for the Party of Condi-Rice and for the Party of Lincoln not for the Pro-Slavery Democratic Party. If you want America where Church rules then vote Democratic Medievalism. If you want modern expansionist PetroPax Americana then vote Republican Petro-Modernism. Choice is yours. When American voters go to polling booths on November 7, 2006, they can vote either for Democratic Medievalism or for Republican Pax Americana. It is a clear choice. Democratic Party represents Religious Medievalism. Republican Party represents secular Machiavellian Modernism. The Two Party System no longer represents the same wine in differently colored bottles. Jimmy Carter, Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Samuel P. Huntington, Madeleine Albright represent the pro-China patriarchal iconoclast fundamentalist intolerant Axis of Medieval in American Politics that seeks to implement the End of Time eschatology of Prophetic Christians that conducted foreign policy to implement the religious agenda through an alliance with genocidal Islamic terrorism and Communist extremism. George Bush and Condoleezza Rice represent the morally right secular axis of modernity that seeks to implement the Oil agenda through an alliance with nuclear India and via War on Islamic terrorism. The elections of November 2006 and 2006 present to American Voters an opportunity to choose between Medievalism and Modernity. The Congressional Cox Report Jan 1999, details how Democrats allowed the theft of American nuclear technology to China and other countries? Global Axis of Medieval engineered the transfer of nuclear weapon technology to Pakistan, Iran, Malaysia and North Korea to ignite Christian-Islamic Armageddon to fulfill End of Time Eschatology. Democratic Party of 2006 resembles the Civil War era pro-Slavery Party, where Blacks play no significant role in corridors of power. Blacks, Latinos and Immigrants should vote for Party of Black woman secretary Condi Rice. Bill Clinton has kicked out Blacks and Latinos and Immigrants from corridors of power of the Democratic Party in all big States, namely, New York, California and Illinois.
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CARTER AGAINST USA-INDIA NUKE DEAL: President Jimmy Carter is against Indo-US Nuke Deal reported Friday, October 27, 2006. On a visit to India after 28 years, former American President Jimmy Carter saw no threat to Asian peace or world peace from India’s intentions to acquire atomic energy sources to generate power, but is firm that New Delhi ought to sign the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). Though he has no authority in government to thwart the deal, Carter does not favor the Indo-US civil nuclear deal because, he said, there is need to discourage testing and development of nuclear weapons and the spread of fissile material. Hastening to add that his concerns were global, not India-specific, Carter said, "any nation with nuclear weapons should be under the NPT. It is my hope that the NPT becomes universally acceptable," said the 82-year-old Nobel laureate, who was severely critical of the US administration’s handling of the North Korean nuclear issue. Carter said he hoped other aspects of the bilateral relationship would not be affected if the Indo-US civil nuclear deal fails to go through the US Congressional process.
JIMMY CARTER IS THE PURE EVIL CORE OF GLOBAL AXIS OF MEDIEVAL IN AMERICAN POLITICS: Jimmy Carter represents the Evil Core of Axis of Medieval Fundamentalism. Wahhabi Al Qaeda represent the Core of Islamic Medievalism. Beijing China represents the Evil Core of Axis of Communist Medievalism. The Pure Evil resides at the Core of the Global Axis of Medievalism that conspiring to descend New Global Dark Age on the world in 21st Century to implement the End of Time Apocalyptic agenda. What one can expect from Jimmy carter who is the Father of Islamic Theocracy, Islamic Terrorism, Islamic fundamentalism? Jimmy Carter is so ludicrous that it is not worth wasting time on him, as he is determined to bring White Christian Civilization to an Apocalyptic End in alliance with his buddies in Iran to cause Christian-Islamic Armageddon, by his evil design to sabotage USA-India Nuclear deal that President George Bush signed with India, as President Bush is 100 times more competent than President Jimmy Carter. The people and Capitol Hill have a choice to make, whether they support the morally Good George Bush or morally Evil Jimmy Carter. The choice that the people of the United States would make, shall determine the fate of the Christian World and would determine whether likes of Jimmy carter would succeed in causing Apocalyptic damage to Christian civilization, with their determined pursuit of End of Time agenda. Apocalyptic teleology of ex-President Democratic Jimmy Carter presents greater threat to the secular WASP Protestant United States than al Qaeda or Osama Ben Laden. It is high time that Republican Neocons should grab the horns of the Evil directly rather than let is cause Armageddon by stealth to establish theocracy in USA. As President, Jimmy carter made United States the laughing stock of the world by his failure to attack Iran to free American embassy staff imprisoned by Ayatollah Khomeini. Was President carter on the payroll of Ayatollah Khomeini that Pentagon did nothing to invade Iran? Many patriotic WASPs consider President Jimmy Carter a traitor for his failure to use force to liberate American embassy officials held prisoners in Tehran. As a diplomat and Commander in Chief president Jimmy carter holds the greatest distinction of formulating most stupid foreign policy during his tenure as the President of USA. With Jimmy Carter as leader and a friend the United States does not need any enemy. So far as foreign policy is considered Jimmy Carter can only be called a Traitor to USA when compared to the patriotic George Bush and Condi Rice. In the eyes of patriotic WASPs in American politics Democrat Jimmy Carter represents the Core of Axis of Evil and on other hand Republican Bush-Condi Rice represent Core of Axis of Virtue. Axis of Evil caused 9/11 Terrorism and Axis of Virtue waged war on Terrorism. The Election of November 2006 and forthcoming November 2008 Elections, provide American Voters a Clear Choice, whether to Vote for Axis of Evil or vote for Axis of Virtue. Remember the 9/11 attacks would not have taken place without the active involvement of Core of Axis of Medieval. Remember the Pure Evil core of Axis of Medieval wants to destroy secular WASP United States just as in 415 AD it destroyed secular Roman Empire to cause European Medieval Dark Age, to engineer in the 21st Century the descent of Looming Global Dark Age on the White Christian Western World, to fulfill the End of Time eschatology of Prophetic Christians. To secular WASPs and patriotic Neocons Jimmy Carter and Osama Ben Laden represents the two sides of same Coin of Evil. Hindu, Buddhist and Pagan Civilizations representing more than 3.5 Billion people denounce the Evil represented by likes of Jimmy Carter as well as Osama Ben Laden. Dear American Voters, please prudently think before you vote on November 7, 2006, it is a vote for or against Evil.
Kalki Gaur, Editor World Press Club, Washington DC, November 4, 2006, Saturday, 5:00 PM
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Blogger Merge Divide said...

third world war,

Your comment is, so far, the biggest challenge to my philosophy yet posted to this blog. My commitment to rejecting censorship is the ONLY reason I'm publishing this. Not only do I think that your reply is self-serving and indulgent... I also completely disagree with your ludicrous thinking. Do you honestly believe that posting a comment like this furthers the public dialogue? To what end do you offer this screed?

2:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my god...who the hell was that first commentor? I couldn't get past the first 5 words. It was Word Salad.

As for your post, you are so right. I will vote but I have absolutely no confidence that there will be fair counting. I have become so doubtful, it is depressing. I've come to think as the current administration as the Dark Empire. But, as a Virginian, I'm used to throwing my vote away anyway.

2:53 PM  
Blogger Merge Divide said...

After reading this at length and in painful detail, I suspect this may simply be satire. If that's the case, then I applaud the author. It is a masterpiece of absurdity.

2:55 PM  
Blogger Merge Divide said...


AS fas as the above poster, in his profile he describes himself with the following gem:

"Kalki has attained Enlightenment. Kalki Gaur is the greatest Hegelian Philospher Thinker and Prophet of the Aquarius Age in 21st Century."

I think this goes a long way toward answering your query.

As fas as "throwing your vote away"... I say, FORCE THEIR HAND. They will expose themselves.

3:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Ol' Dominion is hard to topple. Northern Virginians are greatly outnumbered by the rest of the state.

7:32 AM  
Blogger Merge Divide said...


George Allen is looking remarkably vulnerable at this late date. Make sure all your friends vote.

12:02 PM  
Anonymous Michael Breen said...

Imagine, for a second, that someone confessed to rigging the 2000 or the 2004 election. Assuming they had proof the backup their claim, imagine the fallout.

5:01 PM  
Blogger Merge Divide said...


I think, other than the strategists that engineered those "victories", that each operative only had a very small piece of the puzzle. These folks were like cells blindly performing their assigned tasks.

7:27 AM  
Blogger Merge Divide said...


You folks in Virginia did a great job. I knew your vote would be meaningful.

1:34 PM  

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