Thursday, January 04, 2007

Bush Welcomes Dems to the Capitol.

Today Bush welcomed the new Democrat-controlled congress in his inimitable way. He said, "It's time to set aside politics and focus on the future." Of course he says volumes with his proclamation. Only now that the GOP has lost their control of the legislature is it time to consider the future. Only now should the federal governmment put aside all of that partisan bickering and work together. Evidently this isn't the time to "stay the course" set by the aggressive attitude of the Republicans over the last six years. No... it's time to assume a more inclusive approach. Both sides of the aisle have something to offer. This is the deep revelation our President has come to share with us today. This is apparently a TWO-PARTY system. Who ever would have known?

It gets better too. Bush also unveiled a plan to eliminate federal budget deficits by 2012. The sheer courage demonstrated by our leader is only mitigated by the fact that he will be leaving office in 2008. It was under Dubya's watch that the deficit hit an all-time high (in the 2004 fiscal year) at $418 billion. How has he managed such an achievement? With tax cuts to the most wealthy Americans! And how does he intend to continue his work (even after he is long gone)? Making those tax cuts permanent!! What an awesomely responsible conservative he is. Just think... for generations Republicans dragged their feet, railing against government spending... preaching the benefit of thrift. But Bush has leveled the playing field. He's made his own party complicit in driving the nation into financial insovency. Who says he doesn't know how to work with others? He's got a magic formula. Spend ridiculous amounts of money on a foreign policy that alienates us from the rest of the world... while at the same time finding it within himself (or more accurately- our pockets) to give huge sums of cash to his corporate cronies and other buddies of his social class.

But wait... it's "do as I say, not as I do". Now that there is an actual "opposition party", it's time to tighten our belts. Minimum wage? College loans? Research on stem cells? Not so fast, pardner! Just what do you think you're doing with that first 100 hours?

It appears that there is a new sherrif in town, chimpy. The Dems are not showing their customary restraint (or cowardice, as the case may be). They have decided to use the House rules to push through some early legislative victories. A few turncoats within the party are lamenting the aggressive posture, but they appear to be shoved aside. Pelosi is on a mission, and with the passage of some popular bills, the Democrats may be able to eventually expand their majority in 2008. This could actually get interesting.


Blogger Rob Park said...

Bush doesn't say he, "Stay the course." But he means it anyway. He said he is commited to a free Iraq and he needs to convince democrats and republican of the importance of this goal.

This despite the fact his solution is completely untenable. Idealogically driven by his gut instinct we're the one who pay the price.

The dems controls the purse strings but they'll probably be cowardly to control the path of war by this limitimate means of balancing executive powers.

Dems and republican never seemed so similar. But I'll take the increase in minimum wage.

12:06 AM  
Blogger Merge Divide said...

Now he's actually sending thousands of additional troops over. The Dems claim that they are going to hold him to task... we'll see.

I was having a conversation with a friend, and we kind of agreed that it's in the best interest of Dems to let Bush cut his own throat at this point. Give him what he asks for, but make him be specific about what objectives he expects to achieve. Make the American publuc understnad that it's Dubya's mess, and let him know that he has about a year to make significant improvement. Otherwise, the Dems are going to own the war in 2008. And that's REAL BAD.

9:09 PM  

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