Thursday, December 04, 2008

December 2008 Unblurred.

The first Friday of the month is just about here, and you know what that means... free drinks! Actually, there are quite a lot of folks that exert great effort to put together local art events, and they deserve more than for you to just show up and cadge their alcohol. Remember- someone had to pay for it. Take the time and enjoy the work while you're stuffing your face.


December Unblurred is upon us, and it looks like just about every available venue is planning something. As always I'm just going to hit upon the highlights as I see them, but I encourage you to check out everything. Personal aesthetics differ wildly, and you may find a favorite that I don't even mention.

I'm personally excited to see that Laura Jean McLaughlin is returning with a group show at Clay Penn (5111 PENN AVE). She's been busy the last several months, and I've missed using her gallery/work space as a home base for these events. I'm not sure who will be involved (besides the very talented painter Victoria Cessna), but I like a lot of the artists she shows. At the other side of the street Carolyn Wenning is opening her SPACE (4823 PENN AVE) after a stint of public inactivity. She's billing the evening as an "open studio", and promising "music, food, and fun".

Garfield Artworks (4931 PENN AVE) is featuring two old hands- figurative painter Evan Knauer, and post-hippie photographer David Harris. To say that these vets are seasoned is an understatement. This is a must-see exhibit for the night. Together these artists represent decades of experience in the local arts scene. As they are both rather "old school", neither of them have much of an internet presence, so you have to come and see the work in person.

Meanwhile Modern Formations (4919 PENN AVE) is offering up Kathryn Cole's “Bits and Pieces of a Place”. Cole was the winner of the gallery's annual juried salon show, during which scenesters got to choose a contributor that should be offered a solo. Over the years a lot of quality artists have been introduced through these exhibitions, and I have no reason to suspect this will be any exception. Cole uses found scraps of metal to construct unique assemblages.

Finally I want to highlight this excerpt from Grace Morrow and Ronn Akins' joint statement about their show at Imagebox (4933 PENN AVE) : "Through various mediums, simple and complex patterning, they search for that connection, that spark that holds us one to another and tells us: we are not alone; we are part of each other; we are part of everything that is; WE ARE!" Can you really afford to miss that?


You can get a jump on your holiday shopping by making a visit to Moxie Dada on the North Side (1416 Arch Street). The Firehouse Studios (the group of artists who do their work above the gallery itself) have a wide assortment of ceramics and jewelry for sale. The reception for "We've been Good" runs from 6-9PM.

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