Thursday, January 08, 2009

Pittsburgh Art Happenings: 1/9-10/09.

A new year always brings the promise of an interesting and diverse selection of Pittsburgh art. It may take a couple of months for things to really get going (with the cold weather keeping people hunkered down at home), but sooner or later folks start itching to roll out their latest work. There are indeed a few events worth seeing this weekend, but some of them have been around for so long that you may have taken them for granted, and now you're in danger of missing them altogether. This weekend marks your last chance to see Life On Mars (the International) at the Carnegie Art Museum, In The Making: 250 Years / 250 Artists at Fe Gallery, and Inner and Outer Space at the Mattress factory.

If your tastes run more toward openings, you will have a few opportunities to get out and about to catch some receptions.


Check out Tim Menees ("You Still Can't Get There From Here") and Joan Iverson Goswell ("Journeys") at Gallerie Chiz in Shadyside (5831 Ellsworth Avenue), from 6-9PM. Menees uses acrylics and graphite to create imaginary travel posters and Goswell makes cool-looking books with a clear political slant.

Or perhaps you have the means to get to Sewickley? Mark Panza is having a one-man show at the √Član Fine Art Gallery (427 Broad Street). I've actually never been in the space, but I have met Joan, the proprietor. She seems passionate about showing art that she personally respects and enjoys. Obviously our tastes overlap, as I am increasingly a fan of Panza's photos and presentation. Get there between 6 and 9PM for "Structure Meets Nature".

But maybe you want to avoid "swellsville" this weekend? If so, just pop down to gritty Lawrenceville (4900 Hatfield Street) for the Zombo Gallery's 2nd Annual "Big Hang Up". It's Michael Devine's version of "Art All Night", and gives all creators a chance to show off their skills, regardless of whether or not they've ever shown before. That kind of format is always interesting because you never know what you'll see, and there is the potential for some very odd juxtapositions. It should bring in an eclectic crowd too.


Boxheart (on Liberty Avenue in Bloomfield) is having their 8th annual Art Inter/National Exhibition, with a reception from 5-8PM. This series explores the way that physical space affects the way artists create their work. Twenty lucky selections were chosen from among 220 applicants this year- all asked to "respond visually to the Hegelian Dialectic". Basically, this means that there were a couple hundred people who presumed to claim to understand what the fuck that actually means (you can read more about that here). Anyway I'm sure there will be lots of great things to look at, and I'm not likely to risk missing any of them.

Finally, I want to mention an opening (6-9PM) featuring the work of Bart De Paepe at the Morning Glory Coffeehouse in Morningside (1806 Chislett Street). I'm always interested in checking out new places to get my espresso fix, and this one isn't all that far from my house. They seem to have some nice things going on there, and I'm a bit surprised I haven't heard about it previously. Check out their site.

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Blogger Rick Byerly said...

for those going to zombo gallery the reception is from 6-11pm Friday. bring a few bucks to throw in the jar for the booze expenses.

rick byerly

11:17 AM  

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