Thursday, March 05, 2009

Pittsburgh Art Happenings: 3/6-7/09.

Last week I wrote a post detailing a couple of events that were happening last weekend. I highlighted the anniversary party of Encyclopedia Destructica that was held at the Brillo Box. I did end up attending, but it was so crowded that my friend and I decided not to stay for the reading. Both of us simply bought a book instead. I would assume that there are still some copies of the second issue of the Coatlicue series available for purchase, and I recommend that you locate and pick one up. I started reading mine yesterday and have already found enough inside to justify the $10 expense. Unfortunately I never posted the draft promoting that show, so it remained unread and unseen by anybody but me. Ultimately I simply deleted it altogether.

This week I don't intend to make the same mistake. So without further ado, here are some things worth checking out this weekend.


For the second month in a row, I'm going to be hitting First Friday in Shadyside. Jenn Wertz and Mark Gualtieri are showing at the Mendelson Gallery (5874 Ellsworth Avenue ) under the title "Rubbing Sticks Together". It's a provocative title for a show, and it should be interesting to see what sparks they generate. Wertz is better known for her participation in the band Rusted Root, and Gualtieri has worked on movie sets and run a couple of galleries. While I have never seen any of the latter's work, I did get a sneak preview of Wertz's mixed media creations, and they are worth making the trip (6-9PM).

After I make my exit from Swellsville, I'll head over to the Penn Avenue Corridor for Unblurred. There's a group show of print artists (
INKY PAPER: PRINTS FROM THE SNOWBELT) at Most Wanted Fine Art ( 5015 PENN AVE). Garfield Artworks (4931 PENN AVE) is rolling out their own collection of creators, ranging from painting to photography. And at Imagebox (4933 PENN AVE) there appears to be an exhibition of local historical images from Jacob Koestler.

But the highlight on Penn Avenue Friday night looks like it will be
LOOKING FOR SEEDS: TINYART PART 2 at Modern Formations (4919 PENN AVE). If nothing else, the group exhibit there features the most names that I recognize- Katherine Young, Carolyn Kelly, David Bernabo, Jessica Fenlon and Beano among them. I'll likely stay awhile.

Also of Interest:

"Size Does Matter": Pittsburgh Society of Artists small works show @ The Framery (4735 Butler St., Lawrenceville), 6PM.

"Black/White": Multimedia exhibit featuring 21 artists @ Gallerie Chiz (5831 Ellsworth Ave, Shadyside), 6-9PM.

"Code Words": AAP artist and board member Lori Hepner @ Melwood Filmmakers (477 Melwood Ave, Oakland), 6-9PM.


If you manage to avoid an art hangover on Saturday afternoon, take the time (11am - 5pm) to stop by the Luke & Eloy Gallery (5169 Butler Street) in Lawrenceville. My friend Susan Constance is participating in a group show called Double Vision, which purports to celebrate "13 Artists who express themselves in differing art and craft forms". I had a chance to stop by about a month ago and meet Gallery Director Brigitte Martin. We had an amiable conversation, and I'll be looking forward to seeing how her own instincts inform the 'Burgh arts scene.

I keep meaning to check out the Morning Glory Coffeehouse over in Morningside (1806 Chislett Street). This Saturday may be a good time to do it. They are having an opening reception (7PM) for the work of Maria Mangano. I couldn't find any of her images online during a three-minute Google search, but I have learned that she is a CMU grad, and is exhibiting "Intaglio Prints". Plus DJ Thermos is providing music for the event...


"Retrospect: A Celebration of Color and Light": Mary Ann Gorka @ Panza Gallery (115 Sedgwick Street, Millvale), 2-5PM.

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