Monday, June 19, 2006

"The Kingdom"

So I finally got around to watching Lars Von Trier's "The Kingdom". This was a Danish television series in the 90's about the creepy happenings in a large hospital in Copenhagen. There is an American remake, but I have no interest in that...

I watched all 278 minutes of it in a marathon session last night. While it has more humor (dark, very dark) than I anticipated, it did have its unsettling moments and even a couple of startling surprises. The themes were well suited to my tastes... apparitions, bodies in jars, an adult birthing, Down's Syndrome-inflicted oracles, Swedeborgian spatial journeying, a secret society, and lots of atmospheric meanderings through eerily antiseptic institutional hallways... Particularly enjoyable is the photography- shot through sickly yellowish filters, with lost of off-putting vantage points...

And I have Season Two in my queue as well. If you can track this down...


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