Friday, November 17, 2006

Small Works/Bright Shiny Things @ Digging Pitt, Steve Smith @ The Tom Museum.

Looking for something to do in Pittsburgh tomorrow (Saturday the 18th)? Haven't had enough excitement at Light Up Night? Why not stop down at the Digging Pitt in Lawrenceville, and have a look at the Bright and Shiny Holiday and Small Works shows? It's the perfect opportunity to get a look at the scope and quality of the work collected in the flat files. The opening festivities kick off at 6PM and run until 9PM, at both the main location (45th and Butler Street) and Digging Pitt Too (45th and Plummer Streets).

Is there any better way to say "I love you" to friends and/or family than with a piece of art? I don't think so. And that's not to mention what you'll be doing for the artist. Stroke their ego and give them some pocket cash for that 30-pack of Pabst they've had their eyes on. There's certainly a lot to choose from. Get a photograph, a painting, a print, or an etching. There are over a 150 regional and national artists to choose from. Everything from Juxtapoz-style hipsterism to pseudo-intellectual abstraction. You might even be able to spot a landscape if you look hard enough (and squint your eyes a bit). And there are lots of craftsy-type items to be hypnotized by as well. Even if you don't BUY anything, you'll still be performing your cultural duties as a good citizen, and you might even be able to talk to that hot chick you've been seeing at the Brillo Box. Stranger things have happened.

Of course I have a personal stake in your attendance- I'll be introducing two collages in a style I have not yet exhibited. There are also a few of my photos scattered here and there. If that doesn't compel your participation in the events, then surely nothing will. Come on... baby needs a new pair of shoes. Both shows will be up until February 3rd- but there's only ONE opening.

After you have gotten your fill in Lawrenceville, why don't you head over to the Tom Museum- artist Tom Sarver's adjunct to the Mattress Factory. I've tried to hype y'all to this "living museum" before... have you gone yet? Saturday would be a good time to visit. Tom is unveiling the work of visionary artist Steve Smith. AND (as if that weren't enough excitement) Tom is playing DJ, spinning his favorite Jazz records. What the hell does a transplanted Butler County boy know about some Jazz? Come find out. It's only $5, and I'm told that light refreshments will be served.


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