Friday, December 08, 2006

The War on Christmas.

A blowhard on a local AM radio station is up to his annual X-mas tricks once again. Yes... Fred Honsberger from KDKA is once again bemoaning some imagined "War on Christmas". Of course he is only echoing an annual outcry from the likes of national blowhards such as Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh. Yet somehow it's presented as a genuine issue, year-after-year. How long can this deadly conflict last? (Probably as long as the "War on Terrorism" can be stretched.)

Last year we heard about the White House "holiday" greeting cards (proof positive that Dubya doesn't have the time to get separate cards for all his Jewish and Muslim friends), and the Capitol's "holiday" tree. Christian soldiers scored a victory when House Speaker Denny Hastert bravely risked the ultimate sacrifice by changing the name back to "Christmas Tree". We were also informed that several large chains, such as Target, prohibited their greeters and cashiers from wishing patrons a "Merry Christmas". This year, however, Christmas celebrators worldwide have achieved a key tactical victory now that Walmart (along with Kohl's and Walgreen's) has announced it will once again proudly use "Merry Christmas!". Best Buy meanwhile continues to fly the flag of the "Happy Holiday" armies.

It's important to remember that (as in any war of this magnitude) a large amount of disinformation comes in from the field. Rumored body counts occasionally turn out to be apocryphal. False accounts are often employed in desperation, as propaganda meant to motivate the troops. That seemed to be the case with many tales from last years' frontlines (see link). In the meantime, the secular opponents in this great conflict appear particularly incompetent when it comes to psychological warfare- they truthfully point out that appromixately 80% of US citizens identified themselves as Christians (holy defenders of Christmas) in the 2001 Census. Surely there must be some dark and devious strategy behind these claims... what other purpose can there be for this admission of total numerical weakness?

Seventeen years ago the Supreme Court decided that nativity scenes are not to be displayed on the lawns of public buildings (unless the standards of the other teams are also flown, so to speak). Evidently this was the opening salvo of the skirmish that continues to this day. But how do we reach an objective assessment of the status of this war? The march of Christmas anthems continues unceasingly on our nation's speakers . Shoppers flock to malls to deposit funds in the swelling Christmas war chest. And the day that mistakenly celebrates the birth of Christ is a national holiday.

Yet somehow many Christians nationwide continue to act as if they were oblivious of the "War on Christmas". They still put out thousands of outdoor lights, unaware that this practice risks turning them into unwitting martyrs. Without irony they don festive hats and clothing... the color of blood. They brazenly attend midnight services, leaving their homes and pets vulnerable to the enemy. And most baffingly, they squander a vast wealth on unnecessary gifts, when those funds will be crucial to vanquish their foes in the ongoing "War on Christmas". But for all this, the epic struggle continues. Someday a true leader will emerge, focus the energies of the many, and once and for all end this bloody and tragic war that is tearing the nation apart.


Blogger marseye said...

Most often the truth is so sweet!
After some reflection, at times the bitterness of these words sets in..............How much longer in this "all lights on" system, we do not see!All the consumption and disalusion, we will be swallowed up. Get as much as you can, as fast as you will...........its going fast!Does the past always propell our future? Could we all just, stop! Quiet, and feel what each day, a precious moment might bring to light? I hope with winter all might be warm and well find joy with there family and friends share some peace and luv and include the planet and all pets. And remember to be still and smell the pine.

11:56 AM  
Blogger Merge Divide said...

I think that's a lovely image... but not at all what our society promotes during this time of the year. Truthfully, a fair amount will embrace it on their own terms, and I appreciate that sincerely.

7:02 PM  

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