Sunday, October 21, 2007

Personal YouTube NIght.

The Steelers are like a festering infection in this town. Whenever they are playing it seems like the entire town shuts down to focus on the game. It's bad enough that employees all over the city dress up in black-and-gold for casual Fridays. Even on the picket line we were encouraged to wear "the colors", as if they represented some sort of true unity we could all rally behind. It's completely pathetic, and it disgusts me to no end. Just try to go out for a drink at a place that isn't tuned in to this bread-and-circuses bullshit. I was all excited for YouTube night over at the Brillo, and what do you know... they've canceled the fun and replaced it with this pedestrian crap. This is at a bar that's perhaps the most artsy place in all of Pittsburgh... Sunday is vegetarian dinner night, for god's sake. Couldn't there just be one single sanctuary in all of the city? Why would you want to go to the Brillo to watch football? Teabags is right across the street for that.

So in lieu of a couple of hours of creative enjoyment, I've decided to come home. I'll have my own damn personal YouTube night... turn you on to a few of my favorites:

1. We'll start off with a bit of politics. I'm sure you are aware of the multiple public figures that have run afoul of morality and the law over the last few years. This video puts everything together in a nice, little package. Want to know where to start the clean-up of America? (This is a couple of months old, so some of the more prominent recent additions are omitted).

Watch the Video

2. Now with that out of the way... we can get to a little spooky fun. Did you ever see Wonder Showzen? I blogged about it months ago. It's kind of a twisted version of Sesame Street. It aired on MTV 2 a couple of years ago, and you could actually receive it by antennae around these parts. It turns out that they had a dark and eerie side too.

Watch the Video

3. Everyone who's ever seen Crispin Hellion Glover in a movie knows that he is a bit unconventional. Even if you are unfamiliar with his name, you've no doubt seen him in the Back to the Future movies or Charlie's Angels. But unless you already love him, you probably don't know just how offbeat he can get. This should give you some indication of what he doesn't share with Hollywood...

Watch the Video

4. Gary Busey is another very strange man that you've watched in numerous films throughout the years. Once again, you probably have no idea just how "out there" he is in real life. I'm not sure what explains the behavior he displays outside the realm of fiction. He did have a famous motorcycle accident in the late 1980's. Since then I'm told he's learned to wear his helmet. Yet all appearances suggest that the damage has already been done. See what happens when two unsuspecting men from Sweden journey to his turf for an interview (talk about home field advantage!)...

Watch the Video

5. Remember those goofy conspiracy lists that analyzed the numerology and other odd coincidences between Lincoln and Kennedy? I suppose if you look hard enough you can impose connections upon the most radically different phenomena. Often such lists have more to do with the creativity of the observer than any inherent synergy between events. This one starts out silly, but stick with it. It get a bit chilling towards the end. And the selection of background music is inspired. (PS: "George W. Bush" also has 11 letters- I don't know how they missed that one)

Watch the Video

6. Back in the day, there was a man of the sideshow circuit who went under the moniker "Pop-eye". I'm sure that name elicits certain automatic associations, but probably nothink like this...

Watch the Video

7. Just in time for Halloween- here's a short film documenting what was once one of the creepiest sites in the Greater Pittsburgh area. Dixmont was a mental asylum built in the late 1800's, and only abandoned in the 1980's. I've been fascinated with the place for years, and it's a shame that I never grabbed the opportunity to document it with photography. I have had some strange experiences there. Now it's gone forever. A Walmart was supposed to be built on the site, but a series of landslides ensured that the acreage will never be despoiled by such crass development. Here's some news coverage reporting on the odd circumstances of the property.

Watch the Video

8. Before I conclude this, I figured I'd give you another taste of the haunted season. Many people are fascinated by tales of odd creatures, but few ever have direct experience with them. Perhaps the uninitiated are the truly lucky ones. Here's your chance to learn about an incident involving two unfortunates that ran into the "unexplained".

Watch the Video

Perhaps I'll compile a few more posts of favorite YouTube videos. If you enjoy these, let me know.



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