Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Personal YouTube Night. Vol 4.

It's been over a month since I broke into my treasure trove of YouTube videos. True to form, I have reached a blank space wherein I really can't think of anything timely that I would like to address. So sit back, grab a hot tea or a scotch... and enjoy these offerings. It's a wonderful world that we live in.

1. I don't know anything at all about the electronica band that scored this video. I have been told that the footage itself was not made specifically for the song. It's from a bicycle safety training film. How can something be so eerie and frivolous simultaneously? It's haunting and nostalgic- but it's also really funny. The music is hypnotic and served to draw me in to this peculiar atmosphere. I have to warn you- you may want to watch it again and again.

Watch the Video

2. Frankly, I've always found those When Animals Attack videos to be fairly cheesy, and often in bad taste. But this is almost unbearably sweet. It just so happens that it involves specimens from my two favorite classifications of animals. This pick serves as irrefutable proof that I'm not irredeemably jaded. I can indeed appreciate the simpler things in life.

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3. Sometimes there's very few reference points for selected YouTube clips. This is a tremendously surrealistic piece of pop candy. After repeated viewings, I've found that the best way to process it is to sit back and view it uncritically. Who created it? Why? These questions are beyond the point. There are some disturbing undercurrents to it- but nothing I believe my readers can't handle. Know this- there is a happy ending here. If you've ever wondered what "wtf" meant... here's your answer.

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4. Growing up in the Northeast during the 70's and 80's, you couldn't help seeing a television commercial for "Crazy Eddie" (his prices were in-sane!). He sold electronics to all the good people. It would be interested to see a compilation of such low production ad spots from all over the country. You can really tell a lot about a regional culture from these things. Here's a perfect example:

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5. OOOhhh... spooky! You know I could never construct a list of these things without including at least item featuring urban ruins. We had a similar abandoned asylum here in Western PA, which seemed to bring out the creative juices of a host of young gen-X'ers. Fortunately, we actually get narration with this clip, describing the various uses of the building over the years. For full reward... watch this alone, at night, and with all the lights off.

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6. Remember all of those old cereal commercials you used to see in between Saturday morning cartoons? They always made you want to tell mom to run out and get you some delectably sugary treats. This will bring you back to those days... kind of. Whoever made this took a side trip somewhere along his/her development. This really isn't for the kids (at all). Notable quote: "Candy for breakfast? My mom would beat me to death with a whiskey bottle if I had candy for breakfast."

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7. Did you think that all the adults were lying to you when they warned you about the dangers of LSD? You didn't believe them, did you? And that's why you ended up having conversations with your food. But you have no one but yourself to blame. This is a 60's-era educational film about the subject. Perhaps you should thank god that this wasn't you. Because you would have been messed up forever. Some of us are more resilient than others. This has a SAD ending.

Watch the Video

And with that nonsense behind us, I bid you adieu.



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