Friday, January 16, 2009

Pittsburgh Art Events 1/16-17/09.

Cold, cold, cold. But that doesn't mean you can't get in your car and engage the city. Personally, I know I'll develop a nagging sense of cabin fever before the day is out. I'm going to eschew my daily walk due to the inclement weather. I've finally met my lower limit in terms of temperature. So if you're like me, and need your fix of external stimuli... here are just a few ideas for you. I apologize that this is a bit late. I've been distracted.

Friday (tonight)

Laurie Mancuso is back on the scene curating a show at the CMU-affiliated downtown space, Future Tenant (819 Penn Avenue). I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for Mancuso's productions, given that she gave my drawings their first proper showing at the long-defunct Arrow Gallery back in the day. Anyway, the opening tonight (6PM) is called "Sworn In", and I'll give you two guesses what the theme of the show is. The featured artists include folks based in Baltimore, New York, Rhode Island, and Braddock. Make politics personal with a jaunt to the Golden Triangle.

If the abstract is more to your taste, local guild (?) Group A is having a group show at Pittsburgh Filmmakers, and a reception lasts from 6-9 PM tonight. A close source tells me that photographer Mark Panza is an invited guest. Meanwhile Paper Radian Jacob Ciocci is the "guest curator". I was a bit surprised to see that particular name come up in this context, and it makes me want to make a special effort to see what's on offer. Expect to see work by Tim Fabian, Connie Cantor, Jill Larson, etc.

Maybe you have the energy to frequent the South Side on a Friday? The weather should keep some of the numb-nuts ensconced in their suburban sanctuaries. The Brew House (the corner of 21st and Mary Street) is opening "Yes, Thank You". Its organizers are using the rampant sense of contemporary millenarianism to entice visitors to this event, and at the same time claiming that it represents "An affirmation in a time of crisis". It should be interesting to see how they untie that Gordian Knot. Tom Eslack put it together. IUP graduate Aimee Manion is participating.


As any artist living in Pittsburgh knows, there are few collectors worth their salt around town. In my experience, Nathan Nissim ranks up there with the more open-minded and thoughtful of this group. Tomorrow (5PM) at Trinity Gallery (4747 Hatfield Street, Lawrenceville), Nissim demonstrates his creativity and sense of humor with a collection of assemblage pieces entitled "Guns, Women, Phalluses". I'll be looking forward to seeing the choices Nissim makes as a creator.

Yeah...yeah, I know. I don't usually blog music events. It's not that I have anything particularly against the medium, but it's not where my attentions are usually directed. Still I'll give a quick shout-out to a classic rock band tribute happening at Howler's on Saturday. I've never attended this kind of thing in my life... yet still, something tells me this might just possible be worth seeing. No... it's not a Menudo reunion... but rather "Maximum Who-Phoria". What can I say about this, other than Amoeba Knievel is on the bill?


No movie tonight. Come next week at 9:30PM for "Race with the Devil" You know what I'm talkin' 'bout.


Is Jim Rettinger having a 2D exhibition on Martin Luther King's Day at the Rex Theater
(1602 E Carson St)? That's what he says...


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