Sunday, June 25, 2006

Ocean City, NJ

Tomorrow I make the long drive (six and a half hours) to Ocean City, NJ. This beach resort is family-oriented, which I guess is kinda appropriate since I'll be staying with my wife, my dad, his wife, my brother, his wife, and their kids (3). When I was a tyke, we'd visit this place every summer. I remember the magic of the boardwalk, the ocean, the sand, and the pier amusements. I remember big scary stuff washing up on the beach-- like a live adolescent tiger shark, and a humongous fish head severed from the rest of his body by god-knows what underwater behemoth.

If my family were sitting next to me right now, they would chime in with what they would no doubt think a funny and embarrassing moment of my pre-teen years. They would laughingly relate the story of how I (absent-mindedly, as if that weren't the perpetual state of a pre-teen) walked several blocks from our motel (The Impala), on to the boardwalk, and into the salt water taffy store... clothed only in my tighty-whiteys (and flip flops). What they'd fail to mention is that the underwear was actually gray, with a red band along the top (it was manufactured that way- I was not the slob I would later become). Hahahaha! Now wasn't that amusing?

Anyways... I hope I can find an internet cafe, and post regular updates during the next week. But if I don't... please don't stop coming to my blog. I swear (or threaten) that I will be back.

PS: By "family-oriented", I mean that the whole town is freakin' dry.


Anonymous DeeA2Z said...

I remember so many Labor Day weekends in Ocean City. Mostly I remember card games played late into the evening after the kids were in bed, walking the boards, and watching my sons, their dad and their grandpa building sand castles. I also remember one harrowing experience as I stood in surf rather more than waist-high. I remember "riding" up and down with the waves and then, looking to my right to suddenly see...daduh, daduh, dada dada, dada...SHARK fin! OK, sand shark...but c'mon it was right out of the movies! Not one of my finer moments.

1:42 AM  

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