Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I'm now into day three of some particlularly tiresome virus. I have no idea what the particular nature of this sickness is, but it could well be Rhinovirus- the most common viral infection agent in humans (or so I'm told). It used to be thought that this was transmitted through the air, but recent research suggests it is instead spread through "respiratory droplets" that come into contact with hands and find their destination in the nose or eyes. Schools are particularly favored by these types of virus.

I'm also informed that we are all generally infected by Rhinovirus, pretty much 24-7. When our immune systems are weakened, notably during times of increased stress, the presence of these agents manifests itself in the form of a "common cold". It may be a bit unfair to blame this particular culprit... there are well over one hundred causes of the "common cold". But surely one will do as well as another. There is no cure for it anyway, so identifying the specific perpetrator is largely useless.

Now I'm not positive that what I've been going through for days can be characterized as "common", nor do my symptoms seem like anything as "disease-lite" as a cold. But my congestion, runny nose, sneezing, cough, and ever-popular "general malaise" are all listed as likely symptoms. Perhaps they are even aggravated by my need to punish my sensitive membranes with intermittent smoke breaks. Certainly cigarettes are not listed among the treatment options. Indeed I become most aware that I have an addiction when I am sick... the usual enjoyment of smoking is lost on me, yet still I feel compelled to put myself through another bout.

There's not much to do with a cold besides get plenty of bed-rest and increase fluid intake (coffee and beer don't count, so don't get any ideas). The addition of Nyquil doesn't seem to make my inner life any more provocative, so I'm largely confined to staring off into space, and cursing the fates for this temporary hassle. And (of course) bore the shit out of readers of this blog. My apologies if you made it this far.


Anonymous rob p said...

Sorry about the cold. You earned some sympathy points, no sarcasm intended.

My suggestion... as much water as you can possibly consume.

Send me an email. I've lost yours.

Got some interesting ideas again. Butthis time I'm more inspired then ussual.

4:40 PM  
Blogger Merge Divide said...

( got mail...)

Feeling better today. Looking forward to hearing your ideas.

5:46 PM  

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