Friday, June 30, 2006

Sunbathing... and "relaxing"

Today is my last day at the beach, and I seem to have made the most of it by sleeping much of it away. I had another run at A.C. yesterday, and got in late. And no, I wasn't gambling. There aren't any horse tracks on the beaches. I had really wanted to take some night shots of the boardwalks and the casinos. I was happy with the results, and one of these days I will have the knowledge and bandwidth resources to make this into the photo-blog that it should be.

I thought that I would spend the day at the beach. I trekked all of my stuff out, and got myself all set up. It was 11:30AM, cloudless and hot- what many would consider perfect beach weather. I lied down and tried to settle in. But I couldn't and I rarely can. Lying in the sun on the beach is the perfect day for many people, but not for me. I'm too restless, and being under the merciless glare of the midday sun is almost work. Sure, it's nice to hear and see the surf. But here at OC, you only get about 20 x 30 feet to swim in, if you need to cool off. So I felt rather confined to the sand itself. It seems such a strange pursuit- to slather spf 45 sunscreen on all the exposed parts of your body, and then deliberately subject yourself to the very thing you have tried to protect yourself from. Sure a nice even tan looks healthy, especially in the urban grit of home... but sunbathing puts the largest organ of your body at risk, and it can get awfully boring.

In truth, I prefer to actively explore my vacations anyway. The last thing I want to do when I drive hundreds of miles from my home is "relax". Relaxing is more comfortable, and more convenient where and when I know all the tricks. When I get wherever I'm spending my vacation, I want to get out and see everything I can. I will even drive an hour or two to see something unusual or promising. I'm most often exhausted when I return back to my home-base. But if all goes well, I bring back a head full of memories and discoveries, and a compact flash card with interesting images. As far as this Jersey trip is concerned, I did a fairly damn good job. See ya back in the burgh, or right here...


Blogger laurie said...

Hiya! Is this you? The you I know? Anyway....checking out the digging pitt blog and saw your name.
Regarding "the photo blog it should be" - here's a link that might help -

I'll look forward to seeing your pics!


3:44 PM  
Blogger Merge Divide said...

I think I am the "I that you know". Especially if you are the you that I wrote and read with. Anyway, I checked out your blog, and I was at first thrown off a bit by its title... until I got underneath the surface and read a bit. Great work! I'll be checking in again certainly.

As far as the photo upload is concerned, the problem is mainly my connection. But I'll get it figured out. Thanks.

6:09 PM  

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